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Welcome to Hippo Forge!


This is the place where you can host your component or other tools developed for Hippo CMS, HST or Repository.
Please create your user account and set up your project. 

Note that only Hippo Certified plugins are supported by Hippo, this is a subset of all plugins hosted on the Forge.

Recent News
Version 0.2.1 of the settings management addon is released
Jeroen Reijn

See http://manage_settings.forge.onehippo.org/release-notes.html for further information.

New Hippo JCR Shell 1.01.03 released!
Bart van der Schans

In this release:
- support JCR/WebDAV connection in jackrabbit mode

Upgraded to Hippo CMS 7.8
Arje Cahn

The CMIS Replication Module now works with Hippo CMS 7.8.

Import Tool version 1.05.01 released!
Jeroen Reijn

With great please I would like to share with you the 1.05.01 release of the import tool.
Version 1.05.01 brings support for virtual file systems. The import tool leverages Apache Commons VFS for this.

See the release notes for more information.


HST Spring Security Support 0.02.01 Released!
Jérôme Mirc

- Better support of Spring Security within the Channel Manager
- Add the support of Remember Me
- Enable user authentication using their email


Recently Registered Projects
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(2014-03-10) External Document Picker Plugin Base
(2014-02-13) Settings management
(2013-07-12) Favorites Folder Plugin
(2013-07-11) Resource Bundle Editor (certified)
(2013-05-10) Embargo plugin
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