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Youtube Template PluginyoutubetemplatePlugin for adding youtube movies to your document template.
Workflow Action Exampleworkflow-actionThe workflow action example demonstrates how to add a "feature this" button to the workflow toolbar. Users with the right permissions will see the button and can click it to add a "Feature" flag to the document.
Wikipedia importerwikipediaimportThis is a script that generates CMS content with a given XML dump from wikipedia.
Webrichtlijnen compliant rich editorwebrichtlijnenThis project aims to provide a webrichtlijnen compliant rich text editor for Hippo CMS 7. Webrichtlijnen (see http://www.webrichtlijnen.nl) is a set of 125 best practices that make a site useful for human users, browsers and search engines.
WebDAV supportwebdavThis project will provide WebDAV support to the repository behind Hippo CMS 7.
URL rewriter pluginurlrewriterPlugin (filter) which intercepts and redirects request before those are handled by HST
Tripolis ConnectortripolisTripolis Dialogue connector to connect the Hippo CMS to the dutch no.1 ESP.
The MessageLabmessagelabThe MessageLab provides repository based messaging. The MessagaLab consists of a content component containing the node type definitions, a stand-alone server and a Hippo CMS 7 plugin.
Taxonomy Plugin (certified)taxonomyHippo Certified Taxonomy Plugin adds content categorization to your project using a tree of values. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://taxonomy.forge.onehippo.org
Tagging Plugin (certified)ecm-taggingHippo Certified Tagging Plugin is a CMS plugin providing tagging and tag suggestion support for editors. The plugin can also display a tag cloud inside the Hippo CMS. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://ecm-tagging.forge.onehippo.org/
Tag Cloud Management Plugin (certified)tcmpHippo Certified Tag Cloud Management Plugin provides an easy way to create and manage tag clouds. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://tcmp.forge.onehippo.org
Social SharingsocialsharingThis project allows the visitor of your website to share data. This can be a link to share the URL to social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, including the page title. It is also possible to directly send event, meeting or course data to your calendar via email.
SOAP front-end for hippo repositorysoap-exposureThis project provides a good start for people wanting to use the hippo repository in a spring framework application. The project provides a spring framework wrapper and a spring-ws component to expose content though SOAP messages.
Smart ConsolesmartconsoleThe smart-console is an AJAX application that can connect to JCR repository and provide a better UI for exploring the repository structure.
Sitemap Protocol Component (certified)sitemapHippo Certified Sitemap Protocol Component generates an XML feed based on the Sitemap Protocol. This protocol is used by search engines for indexing your website. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://sitemap.forge.onehippo.org
SimpleSlideShowsimpleslideshowSimple slide show, a webstandard based powerpoint like presentation component, using hippo ecm, hippo hst en eric meyers s5: http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/s5/
Simple validation frameworkhstvalidationValidation framework which can be used together with HST2. It is annotation based and makes use of HST2 FormMap for data storage
Simple e-mailsimpleemailSimple email component for HST 2/CMS7 with JSP
SIDBI-ESAsidbifor Banking Website Module
Settings managementmanage_settingsThis project adds a panel to the admin perspective and lets administrators to manage important runtime system settings.
Selection Plugins (certified)selectionHippo Certified Selection Plugins contains CMS editor plugins to select one or more items from a list. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://selection.forge.onehippo.org
Search ExtensionssearchextUse the Search extensions project to incorporate search functionalities in your site, like sponsored links, with CMS managed documents. Configurable search component and search suggestions are upcoming features.
SearchsearchHST component for searching.
Scheduling Overview Pluginsched_overviewThis plugin provides CMS users with an overview of scheduled actions regarding document workflow. Scheduled actions such as publication and depublication can be edited and deleted within the overview.
schedulerschedulerA reusable scheduler daemon module that schedules quartz jobs, with it's configuration in the repository.
Salesforce Integration Componentshst-salesforceHippo Site Toolkit integration with Salesforce
RSS Feed CreatorrssCreate and maintain RSS feeds from within Hippo CMS. Includes RSS Feed document type, and RSS Feed HST component.
Robots.txt Generator (certified)robotstxtHippo Certified Robots.txt generator adds a special document type to the CMS, allowing webmasters to determine the content of the robots.txt file retrieved by webbots. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://robotstxt.forge.onehippo.org/
Resource Bundle Editor (certified)resourcebundleHippo Certified HST Resource Editor Plugin is a graphical tool that allows you to create and maintain Resource Bundle Documents from the CMS, storing them in the repository. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://resourcebundle.forge.onehippo.org
Reset PasswordresetpasswordAdds a link to the login page for cms users who forgot their password. On a new page the user can reset his/her password which is verified using e-mail.
Repository Event Listenerrepo_event_listRepository Event Listener
Related Documents (certified)relateddocsHippo Certified Related Documents Plugin creates a suggestion list of related documents in the CMS editor. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://relateddocs.forge.onehippo.org
Rating Field Pluginrating-fieldThe Rating Field Plugin adds a numeric value to your document type, which is rendered as a list of stars in review mode. This project is intended as an example for the creation of new field plugins.
Properties ComponentpropertiesProperties Component allowing you to create simple CMS documents having a flat list of name/value pairs and to easily use them in your HST site frontend
Poll Plugin (certified)pollHippo Forge Poll plugin providing poll functionality in both CMS and HST frontend. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://poll.forge.onehippo.org
Plugin RendererpluginrendererA plugin that allows you to add plugins to your CMS without changing HTML code.
PingPong Event Demo Portlet Applicationpingpong-paPingPong Portlet showcasing simple Portlet 2.0 Event Handling and broadcasting. This maven-2 project is suitable and preconfigured for automatic build and deployment in a live Apache Jetspeed 2.2 Portal. Tutorial video at: http://vimeo.com/6099437
Pending reactions pluginpendingreactionThis plugin shows a list of unpublished reactions on your site. It is a plugin cms dashboard plugin that uses hst types. That means, you can use it with sites build with the HST.
Payment Support Componentspayment-supportTo support POJO based Components which enable Online Payment (e.g., Credit Card Payment) via popular Gateways such as Authorize.Net, GCO, 2CO, etc.
OAI-PMH provideroaipmhAn OAI-PMH provider for the HST
ManuelmanuelManuel is a simple command line program to export HST configuration, CND node type definition, and Hippo Namespace configuration. Manuel is aimed at site developers, and speeds up the development cycle by replacing (part of) the cumbersome manual export process using the CMS Console.
Magus ActiveStandards PluginactivestandardsWeb accessibility standards are important. Of course Hippo CMS can make your website accessible and has proven to do so for a lot of websites, like the Dutch government for example. But how can you easily verify Section 508 rules over time? This plugin integrates with Magus ActiveStandards which will give you all this and more. Watch a video on the plugin at: http://activestandards.forge.onehippo.org/ This plugin requires a login from the SAAS environment at Magus. Request a demo at http://www.magus.co.uk/. Related plugin (accessible rich text editor): http://webrichtlijnen.forge.onehippo.org/
Log viewerlogviewerThe log viewer can be used in application containers to make the logs available over http. It supports watching the complete log file or only the last X bytes of a log file which can be useful when logs are large.
List BuilderlistbuilderList Builder lets you build lists of documents, by specifying filters. The included HST2 component builds and executes a search query based on the filter selections, and prepares a list of documents to be displayed in your website.
Let me in HippoletmeinhippoSometimes you receive a database dump of a Hippo CMS application form other parties without receiving an admin user credentials. When that happens you can simply place this JAR on your classpath, for instance by dropping it into your tomcat's lib folder and restarting your server. On start up this JAR will create an admin user "sparekey" with the password "12345". Please to not forget to change the password afterward.
Last images dashboard pluginlastimagesThis plugin displays the last images submitted to the repository. Please report bugs here: http://issues.hippo.nl/browse/HIPPLUG
JCR Shelljcr-shellA shell interface to a (Hippo) JCR Repository over rmi.
JCR runner cms integrationrunneraddonA CMS addon to instantiate JCR runners from the console.
JCR Runnerjcr-runnerThe JCR Runner makes it easy to do bulk operations on a running JCR repository. For example you can change values of certain properties of all nodes of a certain type or move nodes from one type to another.
Import toolimport-toolAnnotation based tool for importing XML to Hippo repository. It provides support for renaming, moving, ignoring (filtering) folders and files. Supports Hippo Taxonomy import and binary files import.

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