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Abbreviation pluginabbreviationThis plugin adds webrichtlijnen compatible <abbr> tags to your front-end.
Magus ActiveStandards PluginactivestandardsWeb accessibility standards are important. Of course Hippo CMS can make your website accessible and has proven to do so for a lot of websites, like the Dutch government for example. But how can you easily verify Section 508 rules over time? This plugin integrates with Magus ActiveStandards which will give you all this and more. Watch a video on the plugin at: http://activestandards.forge.onehippo.org/ This plugin requires a login from the SAAS environment at Magus. Request a demo at http://www.magus.co.uk/. Related plugin (accessible rich text editor): http://webrichtlijnen.forge.onehippo.org/
Hippo AuthFilterauthfilterConfigurable authorisation filter to protect (parts of) your website from unauthorised access. The Hippo AuthFilter works with all Hippo CMS 7 versions and all HST versions.
Bean MapperbeanmapperBean mapper offers a clean and easy way to import or synchronize data into hippo repository from an external source.
Bookmarklet ComponentsbookmarkletToday many SaaS applications make use of Bookmarklets [1]. For example, ASF CMS platform provides a simple javascript based bookmarklet which enables users to edit remote contents in web browsers very easily. As an another example, MAGUS ActiveStandards SaaS platform provides a simple javascript based bookmarklet which enables users to check their websites very easily. Users are probably able to install the bookmarklets manually, but it will be a little cumbersome for non power users. So, this project provides generic bookmarklet rendering HST-2 component(s) so that site developers can easily add bookmarklet components in their website (e.g., "QuickCheck" bookmarklet in footer area.) [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet
BreadcrumbbreadcrumbAn HST breadcrumb component
Event calendarcalendarThis plug-in provides a configurable catalog which displays events in a intractable calendar view. The front end of this plug-in is going to be "webrichtlijnen" (Dutch government accessibility guide lines) compatible.
Apache Camel: Hippo Events Supportcamel-hippoevtThe Apache Camel: Hippo Events Support allows you to read Hippo Events from Hippo Repository repository by registering an EventListener with the Apache Camel consumer. In other words, this is a Hippo Event Bus specific event message consumer component whereas Apache Camel: JCR [1] is a general JCR event message consumer. [1] http://camel.apache.org/jcr.html
Channel Manager Page Management Supportchannel-pagesupChannel Manager Page Management Support provides typical background functions and utilities to manage pages in Hippo Channel Manager such as copying one channel to another channel.
Classic CMSclassic-cmsAn alternative CMS application
Hippo CMIS Client Add-oncmis-clientThis add-on adds CMIS client functionality to Hippo CMS 7
CMIS Replication ModulecmisreplicationWe need CMIS Document replication module from CMIS repository to Hippo Repository. Basically, this module is expected to read specified CMIS folder(s) and copy new or updated documents to asset folders of Hippo Repository. With this module, CMIS documents can be searched and used in Hippo Repository based applications (e.g., corporate websites)
CMS Performance testingcmsperformanceA set of tools for performance testing a customized Hippo CMS.
Colleague Tracker Dashboard plugincolleaguetrackThis plugin will show a fancy history of who did what in Hippo CMS 7. Please report bugs here: http://issues.hippo.nl/browse/HIPPLUG
Comments ComponentcommentsThis component enables website visitors to comment on a particular piece of content through a web form. Comments are stored in the repository and can be moderated (edit, publish, take offline, delete) through the CMS user interface.
HST Configuration Code EditorconfigcodeditorForge project providing syntax highlighting in Freemarker Template code in CMS Channel Manager
Content Blocks Plugin (certified)content-blocksHippo Certified Content Blocks plugin provides an ability for editors to add multiple compound type blocks to a document. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://content-blocks.forge.onehippo.org
Hippo Content EXport / IMportcontent-eximThe goals are: 1. Support only pre-defined/limited data format *like* the "Generic XML Document Format" (which was provided by import-tool forge module before) for hippo documents and hippo binaries. As a result, each project should generated files by the standard format only. The format should be better in JSON format by default. 2. No generic POJO binding supported, which has made it really complicated in import code maintenance in project, IMO. 3. No built-in link resolutions. Instead Hippo can provide some best practices. e.g, store link relpath while importing, and run groovy script to update mirror link uuids by the interim relpath info. 4. Provide groovy script examples as content import tasks. No separate webapp, no daemon, no UI module, etc. 5. Use Hippo Workflow API to create folders/documents.
Delicious bookmarksdeliciousbmsThe Delicious Bookmarks plugin will provide the current CMS user with it's delicious bookmarks, so he/her can use them while writing articles.
Hippo Document Commenting Plugindoc-commentingProvides commenting feature in Hippo documents.
Document Selector PlugindocselectorAn editor template plugin allowing selection of a document of a certain type in the repository through a dropdown widget.
Document translation pickerdoctranslationThe documenttranslationpicker project provides a plugin to Hippo CMS. It enables editors to pick existing documents as a translation for a document.
DocumentTranslatordoctranslatorTranslate a repository document using Google Translate.
Dashboard Document Wizard (certified)documentwizardHippo Certified Dashboard Document Wizard is a plugin that lets CMS users create new documents quickly from the dashboard. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://documentwizard.forge.onehippo.org
Hippo CMS - Dropdown list plugindropdown-pluginProvides a generic drop down list property editor plugin without workflow.
Easy Formseasy-formsEasy Forms provides an easy way to create and publish custom forms to your hippo-cms based website. Please report any bugs in the Hippo Plugins JIRA - https://issues.onehippo.com/browse/HIPPLUG/component/10984
Easy Forms Camel Supporteasyforms-camelCurrently Easy Forms provides a concrete implementation for email target integration only. Form submitting to internal/external web resources are not provided yet. Also, this kind of form submitting and its continuing integration is very various in real environments. So, it would be really nice to have an camel support extension module for Easy Forms. With Easy Forms, they can edit user forms through CMS. Also, with Camel support extension for Easy Forms, they can assemble integrations with various integration parties. Basically Easy Forms Camel Support module will provide a runtime context to configure Camel routings and a Easy Forms HST Component to invoke a specified Camel routing on submitting.
Tagging Plugin (certified)ecm-taggingHippo Certified Tagging Plugin is a CMS plugin providing tagging and tag suggestion support for editors. The plugin can also display a tag cloud inside the Hippo CMS. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://ecm-tagging.forge.onehippo.org/
Embargo pluginembargoEnable marking documents as confidential. Access for these documents is restricted to specific, embargo enabled, groups.
Excel to HTMLexceltohtmlAllows user to add internal links in Xinha to excel files and showing a preview of the table on the front end in HTML.
External Document Picker Plugin BaseexdocpickerbaseProvide a generic external document picker plugin for Hippo CMS 7 with data provider examples for developer's reference.
External Resource ManagementexternalA plugin which provides an api to manage external resources e.g. videos
Favorites Folder PluginfavoritefoldersThe favorites folder plugin allows you to select a folder as your favorite. The selected folders are available on the dashboard and in the linkpicker for quick navigation.
CMS Feedback PluginfeedbackpluginThis CMS plugin allows the user to type a comment and send it directly to a preconfigured email address. This can be used both to gather feedback from CMS developers for the Hippo team, or for someone implementing Hippo ECM to receive user feedback.
FeedsfeedsCreate and manage RSS and Atom feeds with the HST content context aware JAX-RS services
Hippo CMS7 Extra Folder Context MenusfolderctxmenusProvides Extra Folder Context Menus (e.g, Copy, Move, etc.) Hippo CMS Wicket Plugin
Forge Maven Skinforge_mavenskinA maven skin for the forge documentation sites
Gallery Magick Image Processinggallery-magickGallery Image Processing Library, using GraphicsMagick (http://www.graphicsmagick.org/), which can be used in content importing applications or scripts or CMS plugins.
Gallery Picker (certified)gallerypickerHippo Certified Gallery Picker Plugin allows CMS users to select an image from the gallery and include it in a document showing a thumbnail image. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://gallerypicker.forge.onehippo.org
Google AnalyticsganalyticsThe Google Analytics plugin will provide an interface for data gathered by Google for the websites, which are maintained by the CMS.
GlossaryglossaryGlossary plugin provides a glossary page were the editors can enter a set of keys and their definitions. When a keyword appears in the front-end, Glossary plugin can render it as a tool-tip containing its definition. This is achieved by using a JSP tag. The plugin provides an AJAX interface for front-end display, there is a fall-back scenario to make the plugin 'webrichtlijnen' proof.
Google Maps PlugingmapsCMS Plugin that provides the a Google Maps field for the documents. Users can click and select the location and the longitude and latitude will be stored in CMS.
Google Maps plugingooglemapsThis plugin will use the Google Maps API to store locations on the planet in the repository.
Googlemaps V3googlemapsv3This plugin use version 3 of Google maps. Using this plugin you will be able to configure and display Google maps on your site pages in no time. Contains custom JSP tag for easy display on site part of your application.
gotogotoThis project aims to simplify the user workflow of previewing CMS7 documents in an HST2 website. It will render button(s) in the document workflow toolbar that open the current document in either the HST2 preview or live environment.
Grails GSP-MIN Templating SupportgrailsgspminThis forge project is to support GSP (Groovy Server Pages) templating for Web Applications or HST-2 Components. In GSP, you can use JSTL in gsp and JSP like scriptlets. It seems really easier than other template languages for most JSP/JSTL developers. See the following examples in Grails documentation: - http://grails.org/doc/latest/guide/6.%20The%20Web%20Layer.html# Logic and Iteration - http://grails.org/doc/latest/guide/6.%20The%20Web%20Layer.html#6.3.6 Using JSP Tag Libraries However, because there is no explicit standalone GSP Templating support yet in Grails currently, it is very difficult to use GSP Templating only. See http://jira.grails.org/browse/GRAILS-5657 for details. Therefore, this forge project will provide a simple way to use GSP templates in normal web applications as well as HST-2 web applications by providing simple dependency POMs and simple configurations.
Hippo Cocoon ToolkithctProvide an alternative, Cocoon 3.0 based, toolkit for building front-end web sites while relying upon Hippo CMS and Repository.
HippoCaptchahippo-captchaJcaptcha component for the Hippo Site Toolkit Set up a jcaptcha service for your project in 5 minutes.
Hippo ECM 7 Italian Translationhippo-ecm-itAdd all the necessary files and steps to add full italian translation to all Hippo ECM 7 components.
Hippo JCR POJO Bindinghippo-pojo-bindHippo Repository JCR Node POJO Binding support POJO beans capturing document nodes or non-document nodes in beans to make it easier serialization/deserialization.
HippoSequenceGeneratorhippo-sequenceAdd automated a sequence number to your node. By adding a sequence in your template, the document gets a property that gets the next number in the sequence it is subscribed to
Hippo Utilitieshippo-utilitiesProviding Utilities modules for Hippo projects. This project will provide utilities for HST, Content and CMS
HippoOnRailshippoonrailsHippo on rails is a project with some example files you can use in a try out to add a ruby scripting environment to your hippo repository project.
Hippo Repository JCR/DAV SupporthipporepojcrdavSupport JCR over WebDAV. By supporting Jackrabbit JCR over WebDAV connection, developers/integrators can have applications connect to the repository via JCR/WebDAV connection
Hippo SpongehippospongeHippo Sponge is an open source framework that facilitates a flexible environment in which developers can aggregate information about and from objects. The aggregated information can subsequently be stored a JCR compliant repository.
Hippo PHP Site ToolkithippowalzA toolkit to develop PHP sites with the Hippo CMS and repository. It uses the Caucho quercus implementation of PHP to build WARs.
hipshoothipshoothipshoot project aims to provide simple libraries or tools supporting easy integration with external deployment tools or practices, to allow "shooting from the hip" for DevOps especially on cloud native deployment environments. For example, Spring Boot project provides a great packaging option such as single executable JAR packaging to support easier deployments on various Cloud platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Heroku, OpenShift, Boxfuse and Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, etc. One of submodule of this project (hipshoot Spring Boot Support) could provide a way to wrap a project as a Spring Boot application project, so you can take advantage of the features of Spring Boot automatically.
HST subsite log4j appender hostappenderAdd host information to my logging
HST Component Archetypehst-comp-archMaven archetype to create an HST component.
Salesforce Integration Componentshst-salesforceHippo Site Toolkit integration with Salesforce
HST SEO Support (certified)hst-seo-supportHippo Certified SEO Support Plugin provides a generic SEO Supporting HST component to be used in the top parent layout component as a standard include. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://hst-seo-support.forge.onehippo.org
HST - Apache Shiro Integration Supporthst-shirointegApache Shiro provides a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework for web applications. HST - Apache Shiro Integration Support project provides seamless integration with Apache Shiro Web Application Security for HST-2 SITE applications. Mainly, HST - Apache Shiro Integration Support project provides an authentication provider against Hippo Repository and a Apache Shiro Security aware Security Valve in order to let you leverage Apache Shiro Web Security instead of the default JAAS based security module. Because Apache Shiro provides many out-of-box security integration solutions such as HTTP Basic/Digest authentication, LDAP, Form-based, Open ID, JA-SIG CAS authentication, you can take advantage of those with HST-2 as well.
HST Spring Framework Supporthst-spring-supVarious Spring Framework Support Utility modules when using with HST-2 Framework. Some Spring Framework specific features when used in HST-2 container would require some utility modules. One example is MessageSource. By default, Spring Framework provides a resource bundle message source which simply ignores HST-2 Dynamic Resource Bundle feature. For convenience, this project would provide a custom MessageSource to use HST-2 Dynamic ResourceBundle in Spring Framework applications.
HST Spring Security Supporthst-springsecSupporting Spring Security Integration in HST-2 Applications - JCR/HippoRepository based authentication provider component for spring-security - HST mount/sitemapitem based matcher components instead of the default static matchers. - A simple generic cookie based authentication provider component (if not existing in spring-security yet). - Documentation (especially on how to integrate (custom) sso solutions)
HST Content Version Utilitieshst-versionutilHippo Repository Version Retrieval Support in HST-2 API
HST Forge Tag LibrarieshstforgetaglibsProvide utility JSP tag libraries for RAD JSP Templating to help reduce coding in any other Hippo projects. (we don't have to implement HST Component if it only does this kind of simple things in #doBeforeRender() for instance.) Search content with context-awareness should be the first exmaple to do.
HST login modulehstloginThis project will provide an module to authenticate user against hippo repository
HST PDF RendererhstpdfrendererMany people have implemented some custom solutions, using flying saucer project [1]. However, that kind of custom implementation has many limitations. For example, html to xhtml conversion is not provided; character encoding problem during parsing is not cared; download file name is not properly provided from the document, and so on. So, this forge project will provide a pdf rendering solution from the served content document mapped by hst configuration at runtime. By the way, since flying saucer is GPL'ed software, this forge project must be GPL'ed, too. [1] http://code.google.com/p/flying-saucer/
Simple validation frameworkhstvalidationValidation framework which can be used together with HST2. It is annotation based and makes use of HST2 FormMap for data storage
HTTPS Redirect FilterhttpsfilterGeneric servlet filters and utilities to force some URL resources to be served by secured HTTPS protocol via redirection, with highly configurable dynamic management facilities.
iframe-perspective-pluginiframeprspectivGeneric IFrame based CMS Perspective Plugin. Unlike Wicket-based Perspective CMS Plugin, it keeps the current navigation states of the iframe. Wicket AJAX framework updates markups by its design, and so this forces to reload iframe every time. However, with this perspective plugin, you can have a stateful IFrame based perspective plugin. Also, all attributes of the iframe can be easily configured. So, it really generic for every IFrame-based frontend integration purpose.
Image EditorimageditorPossibility for editing image with options, like cropping, adding masks etc for images within the image gallery
Import toolimport-toolAnnotation based tool for importing XML to Hippo repository. It provides support for renaming, moving, ignoring (filtering) folders and files. Supports Hippo Taxonomy import and binary files import.
JCR Runnerjcr-runnerThe JCR Runner makes it easy to do bulk operations on a running JCR repository. For example you can change values of certain properties of all nodes of a certain type or move nodes from one type to another.
JCR Shelljcr-shellA shell interface to a (Hippo) JCR Repository over rmi.
Last images dashboard pluginlastimagesThis plugin displays the last images submitted to the repository. Please report bugs here: http://issues.hippo.nl/browse/HIPPLUG
Let me in HippoletmeinhippoSometimes you receive a database dump of a Hippo CMS application form other parties without receiving an admin user credentials. When that happens you can simply place this JAR on your classpath, for instance by dropping it into your tomcat's lib folder and restarting your server. On start up this JAR will create an admin user "sparekey" with the password "12345". Please to not forget to change the password afterward.
List BuilderlistbuilderList Builder lets you build lists of documents, by specifying filters. The included HST2 component builds and executes a search query based on the filter selections, and prepares a list of documents to be displayed in your website.
Log viewerlogviewerThe log viewer can be used in application containers to make the logs available over http. It supports watching the complete log file or only the last X bytes of a log file which can be useful when logs are large.
Settings managementmanage_settingsThis project adds a panel to the admin perspective and lets administrators to manage important runtime system settings.
ManuelmanuelManuel is a simple command line program to export HST configuration, CND node type definition, and Hippo Namespace configuration. Manuel is aimed at site developers, and speeds up the development cycle by replacing (part of) the cumbersome manual export process using the CMS Console.
The MessageLabmessagelabThe MessageLab provides repository based messaging. The MessagaLab consists of a content component containing the node type definitions, a stand-alone server and a Hippo CMS 7 plugin.
CMS Monkey Testermonkey-testerThis project develops a "monkey tester" of the CMS, i.e. a simulation of a frantically clicking user. This is coupled with a "delta debugger". When a failure is found, the minimal reproduction path is constructed.
OAI-PMH provideroaipmhAn OAI-PMH provider for the HST
Payment Support Componentspayment-supportTo support POJO based Components which enable Online Payment (e.g., Credit Card Payment) via popular Gateways such as Authorize.Net, GCO, 2CO, etc.
HST Page PDF GeneratorpdfgeneratorHST Component that exports a HST page to PDF format.
Pending reactions pluginpendingreactionThis plugin shows a list of unpublished reactions on your site. It is a plugin cms dashboard plugin that uses hst types. That means, you can use it with sites build with the HST.
PingPong Event Demo Portlet Applicationpingpong-paPingPong Portlet showcasing simple Portlet 2.0 Event Handling and broadcasting. This maven-2 project is suitable and preconfigured for automatic build and deployment in a live Apache Jetspeed 2.2 Portal. Tutorial video at: http://vimeo.com/6099437
Plugin RendererpluginrendererA plugin that allows you to add plugins to your CMS without changing HTML code.
Poll Plugin (certified)pollHippo Forge Poll plugin providing poll functionality in both CMS and HST frontend. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://poll.forge.onehippo.org
HST-preview-button (DEPRECATED)previewbuttonThis plugin is deprecated, use the Goto forge plugin instead: http://forge.onehippo.org/projects/goto/
Properties ComponentpropertiesProperties Component allowing you to create simple CMS documents having a flat list of name/value pairs and to easily use them in your HST site frontend
HST/CMS util librarypsutilsSome useful (reusable) HST and CMS utility classes, like pagination, upgrade module etc.
Rating Field Pluginrating-fieldThe Rating Field Plugin adds a numeric value to your document type, which is rendered as a list of stars in review mode. This project is intended as an example for the creation of new field plugins.
Related Documents (certified)relateddocsHippo Certified Related Documents Plugin creates a suggestion list of related documents in the CMS editor. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://relateddocs.forge.onehippo.org
Repository Event Listenerrepo_event_listRepository Event Listener
Reset PasswordresetpasswordAdds a link to the login page for cms users who forgot their password. On a new page the user can reset his/her password which is verified using e-mail.
Resource Bundle Editor (certified)resourcebundleHippo Certified HST Resource Editor Plugin is a graphical tool that allows you to create and maintain Resource Bundle Documents from the CMS, storing them in the repository. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://resourcebundle.forge.onehippo.org
Robots.txt Generator (certified)robotstxtHippo Certified Robots.txt generator adds a special document type to the CMS, allowing webmasters to determine the content of the robots.txt file retrieved by webbots. This plugin is certified, meaning Hippo supports this plugin. Documentation at http://robotstxt.forge.onehippo.org/
RSS Feed CreatorrssCreate and maintain RSS feeds from within Hippo CMS. Includes RSS Feed document type, and RSS Feed HST component.

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